At Sistrhood HQ we have been talking a lot about the fantastic projects we see every day around the world that highlight sisterhood!  One thing we are deeply passionate about is that this same message is given to young girls – so they grow up feeling empowered and inspired from day dot.

Then we came across 100 goodnight stories for rebel girls. It’s a Kickstarter project created by co-founders Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.  Elena was working as a journalist and Francesca a stage director and playwright before they embarked on their wonderful business journey together. Sometimes when you put 2 inspired people together something magical happens  -and in this case it did just that!! They started out by designing the world’s first children’s iPad ‘Timbuktu’ and now they’ve gone and delighted us all by creating this wonderful book full of stories to empower our children… and us!!!

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

This is the book you always wish you’d had when you were growing up! Currently, there are 28 days left to help their project. They are appealing for funding  and also for illustrators and inspiring women that you might recommend to help put together the book.

frida khalo

Image Credit : Timbuktu Labs

rebel girls serena

Image Credit : Serena Williams featured in 100 bedtime stories for rebel girls by Timbuktu Labs

Not only  is the idea magical – but Elena and Francesca are also ensuring that each individual portrait of the ‘100 inspiring women’ will be done by a different female illustrator. So, if this is you or you know someone who would love to get involved then shout them up IMMEDIATELY!!!!  Tag us on Sistrhooduk and  !!!

Here is their Kickstarter video and you can find out more HERE!