So… we reeeeeeally want to be part of this gang!

Girls creating culture to change culture! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We do not have to follow, we do not have to fit into anyone’s norms or any of societies pressures! The Girl Hood is at the forefront of making this change. Empowering young women to pave their own successes. 

Their goal is to create a richer mix of women into the creative industry. An ambition close to our own hearts as creative ladies!! Girl Hood work with girls aged between 11-24 from diverse backgrounds and through education and content they set to inspire, motivate and equip the girls with the tools to create their own futures.

It really is an inspiring project that all of the ladies @sistrhooduk were so happy to come across. Next month sees a new project  for The Girlhood whereby they are inviting girls into a traineeship programme.

To keep up to date with their plans of world domination check out their Twitter @The_girlhood or their website

Who runs the world? 😉