Taking your health matters into your own hands is a big step into an amazing eye opening journey. But sometimes the prospect of ‘said journey’ can seem scary, out of reach, expensive, limiting, isolating and maybe even a little boring? Every day this week I will give you my 5 top tips to help you take that first step onto your wellness path.


When our bodies are dehydrated, nothing can work properly. Not only do we experience fatigue & dizziness (to name but a few) but our bodies aren’t able to optimise any nutrition or good stuff we are doing for ourselves too. So, you can be slamming all the wheatgrass juice you like and following a plant-based organic diet but if you’re not hydrated then your body can’t utilise and process the nutrients. Magical little cell exchanges* happen throughout the night and if we aren’t hydrated, it won’t take place thus leaving us feeling a tad groggy in the morning.

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*Aim to drink 3 litres of water a day – this does not include fruit juice, caffeinated drinks, tea or coffee. Check with some herbal teas too as many can cause a diuretic effect.

*Even out your fluid consumption through the day and invest in a good quality water filter** .

*Try and balance your meals by adding hydrating foods such as Watermelon or Cucumber.

*Also begin to consider other areas of your life that may be causing dehydration – STRESS, WIFI, SUGAR, CAFFEINE, LACK OF EXERCISE & LACK OF SLEEP all have a very dehydrating effect on the body.

Don’t forget to look out for step 2 ‘Natural Detoxing’!



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