Greetings friends, family and internet strangers that I don’t actually know but already feel close to.

I’m Tish, and I’ll be delivering your weekly dose of my opinions on anything that’s particularly twisting my nips. 
I don’t really want to dive straight in with you all, this is our metaphorical first date. Could you imagine meeting up with a hottie from Tinder that you find intriguing for them to just talk at you for the duration of your Nandos? Telling you all their thoughts from Corbyn sans tie, to the ideology behind women’s pubic hair. I mean that’s a great way to figure out if you’re mentally compatible, but you don’t even know their last name yet. (Mine’s Hart, by the way.

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I haven’t always been a girl’s girl. In fact, I was pretty much president of the ‘For Some Reason Girls Don’t Like Me, IDK’ club for quite a while.

But it wasn’t girls that didn’t like me, it was me who didn’t like me. It’s not girls that make you feel insecure, intimidated or insignificant, its people that make you feel that way. And those people are arseholes.

We all belong to The Sisterhood!

We all have so much going against us already, the last thing we need is to turn on each other. To belong to The Sisterhood is to belong to something much bigger than all of us, when we don’t feel like we belong anywhere else. But it can only succeed if we do.




I asked a few of our fellow sisters what it meant for them to belong to The Sisterhood, to stand together and sync our (no longer luxury) menstrual cycles in the process. I’ve mushed it all together, with a few of my own ideas, into a succinct paragraph of pure girl power. 

“As a woman, I hope to belong in

“As a woman, I hope to belong in a society, beside men, and strive to do so. Women are often looked at as property; for voyeuristic pleasures. Not just of men, but the media too. Because of this, sometimes I don’t feel as though I belong because I’m not feminine enough. Being a female (identifying as a woman), I belong to a world that is constantly trying to take away and force my femininity at the same time. But for me, belonging to The Sisterhood is feeling mutually wanted. There are no negative connotations. To be part of this is to be part of a family. A family of comfort, understanding and fearlessness. It is being part of something wonderful where you are loved, forgiven, accepted and understood unconditionally. This, is The Sisterhood.”

Right, now we’re all on the same page, how about a second date?

Featured Image Credit : Lean Goren

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