If our body becomes acidic from eating too many acid forming foods or engaging activities, we feel crappy. When our body is acidic we are also creating the perfect environment for acute illness and disease to manifest. Trust me, I know about this one!

3. Go Alkaline!

This is the best way to start – It’s simple and means you don’t have to go on some faddy diet or have to invest in a whole new way of eating straight away. Keep meals simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed and as time goes on you’ll be able to add in new recipes and eating habits. Stick to some basic rules so that your meals are healthy versions of the foods you love.

By focusing the diet towards alkaline rich foods you are helping your body to keep a neutral PH.

Try adding the following to your diet:

*Lemons – These have an alkaline effect once they move through the body. 

*Spinach – High in nutrients, minerals & vitamins & like all greens it is rich in chlorophyll. It is a potent alkaliser & blood builder and is a brilliant addition to nearly any meal or smoothie!



*Cucumber – Alkalising & Hydrating and rich in minerals. It is also good to help cool down the digestive system and brilliant in soothing any cardiovascular issues.

*Raw Red Peppers – Higher in Vitamin C than Oranges.

*Avocados – Alkaline rich, nutrient dense, full of good fat & fibre.

*Once you’ve implemented a few changes you can search the internet for detailed Alkaline charts, showing the foods to eat & foods to avoid.

*Keep your plate 20% protein & 80% Veggies

*Stay away from refined sugar and chemical laden processed foods – these foods will make you sick and will make you age a hell of a lot quicker than you’d like….oh and they will probably pile on the pounds too!

*Stay away from DIET & LOW FAT products…..They are full of sugar and will speed up ageing, illness and your scales.

Featured Image Credit : naomiwilkinson.tumblr.com

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