Siobhan Hogan is the bright, fearless creative powerhouse behind East London brand, Shopfloorwhore. As head honcho of a brand which speaks to my (and her thousands of other followers’) deep, primal desire for colour, fluff and frills, her personal influence is clear to see. Whilst some designers stick to a dialled down, functional, uniform of black, belying their wildly creative output, Hogan is the embodiment of Shopfloorwhore. She makes getting dressed a lesson in having fun and not giving a fuck.

Justifying my penchant for delving into other people’s wardrobes as ‘journalism’, I asked her to invite me and the Sistrhood into her world for a week. I wanted to know what she was doing, where she was going and what she was wearing. After deciding not to take out a restraining order against me, she agreed.

Mixing up vintage finds, high street and her own label, her personal style is a beacon of unapologetic excess, much like Shopfloorwhore. The new collection is dropping soon and it’s a blowout of frills, sequins, print, fluff and a strong sense of sisterhood.  Siobhan Hogan is building an empire and actively supporting other women doing the same thing, and there isn’t a sensible suit in sight. I’m totally on board…

Monday 800

Kicking off a week of mega meetings with a marathon Skype session for a hugely exciting collaboration that will be coming very soon. I am the worst at Skype meetings, but I am fuelled by way too much coffee so I should sail through!

Vintage denim dress:  Beyond Retro
Faux fur bag: New season Shopfloorwhore
Trainers: Nike

Tuesday 800
Headed to Manchester to meet suppliers and rummage in warehouses for bad ass fabrics. This is my work wear appropriate look!

Leopard print raincoat: Vintage DANNIMAC
Customised Levis:  Jetrag, LA
Orange jumper: Topshop
Black boots: Zara
Dream phone case: Moschino

Wednesday 800
Sample fitting and finalising today at the studio; getting ready for our new collection lookbook shoot. It’s also the day when I decide which samples I will be having produced for myself aka MY FAVE DAY. I don’t think I will ever take this new season sequin jacket off. It’s probably my fave piece to date.

Vintage shift dress: Foursquare vintage, LA
Sequin jacket with marabou cuffs: New season Shopfloorwhore
Trainers: Nike

Thursday 800
Taking my sequins out for a rave, dinner and drinks with my bezzies tonight.

Vintage leopard print jumpsuit: Sourced in a Malaysia bundle store
Sequin jacket: Marks & Spencer’s
Badges: ‘Femmes to the Front’ – Polyester zine, ‘Don’t ask me 2 smile’, Shopfloorwhore
Boots: Zara

Friday 800

On FRIYAY we wear pink! Actually, most days we wear Pink TBH. I’m having an inspiration day; hitting galleries and exhibitions in Liverpool, including Constellations at the Tate.

Pink fluffy cuff top: New season Shopfloorwhore
Black turtle neck: Topshop
Ripped jeans: ASOS

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