Who is she?


Why is she so badass?

blue-ivy-beyonce-inlineOkay, we all know Beyoncé is the queen of everything. She’s a mum, a wife, she stands alone as a woman in the 2015 top 20 highest paid musicians, former member of girl power trio Destiny’s Child (can we please just talk about how much of a girl power anthem Bills, Bills, Bills was? And Survivor, and Girl…)


wg_move_forward_web_2columnShe’s also a huge philanthropist. Bey co-founded Chime For Change, a charity that focuses on raising awareness and funds in innovative ways to promote education, health and justice for girls and women worldwide. That’s pretty fucking incredible. You can get involved here ; 

But more recently, during the Formation World Tour she decided to NOT boycott North Carolina that so many other artists including Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have. (We spoke about this a few weeks ago when introducing you to Laura Jane Grace, which you’ve obviously read).

Basically if you’re not up to speed; North Carolina don’t want transgender people using certain public toilets. The law goes above all rights put into place for the LGBT community in NC. It’s ridiculous and stupid, but Beyoncé has put out a statement against it which you can read here !

Queen Bey is advocating the support of LGBT activist group Equality NC by encouraging fans to join and celebrate them. For a person on a platform to encourage her fans to do that, it’s pretty admirable.

All of her amazing work outside of music aside, CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT LEMONADE?!

1035x543-Beyonce_Lemonade01If you haven’t already, you need to begin your months free trial on Tidal and cast your ears on Lemonade. It’s the best thing you’ll do with your day.

P.S we know Beyonce’s been hailed as a woman five times the world over but there’s a reason for that. She’s a badass that stands up for #sistrhood!


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