Things you may not know about her

Badass momma Flo Wo is known for her raspy voice, take no shit attitude and unbreakable streak of incredible hits. But something that not many people are aware of is that Florence has been diagnosed with dyslexia, anxiety and dyspraxia. Florence also suffered a pretty hard childhood, which could explain why her songs are full of such raw emotion.


Florence’s best Sistrhood moment
She’s had many, but last year during her Coachella set she took her top off mid-performance. She explains that she did it to say ‘Look it’s about being strong and owning your feelings!’ If that’s not an empowering message, I don’t know what is!

Florence and The Machine’s empowerment track:

There is no doubt that the most empowering track to come from this talented lady is ‘Shake It Out’. Please listen to this track and not belt out the chorus. “And it’s hard to dance with the Devil on your back, so shake him off” – We have absolutely all been there, and she belts it out to make us feel like we can achieve anything.