Things you may not know about her:

Before her Mickey Mouse Club days, Britney actually lost out in the second round of talent show ‘Star Search’ after singing Naomi Judd’s ‘Love Can Build a Bridge’. She was also offered the song ‘Umbrella’ but declined and it ultimately went to Rihanna. Oh how things could’ve been!

Britney’s best Sistrhood moment 

Britney has had a pretty bad time in the press, especially during 2007. If you were asleep that year you missed out on her shaving all of her hair off after she lost custody of her children to Kevin Federline due to drug dependency. Britney hit a pretty big low, and it was documented. Fast forward to present day and Britney now has custody of her children, is recording her ninth studio album and has her very own Vegas show that, at present is running until mid-September. Britney is living proof that even in our darkest times, we can come out of it on top. She’s worked super hard to where she is today, proved by this that shows her quality of performance at the beginning of her Vegas shows, to now.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how much Britney has improved 🙌

— Cody (@codyspearz) February 17, 2016

Britney’s empowerment track

100% this title goes to Stronger. This song can apply to a breakup, a friend break up, leaving a job or just simply to get you pumped for how amazing you are in everyday life. Stick this in your headphones at the gym and you’ll have Britney abs in no time.