You might not know that:

To prove her hard work and dedication, Taylor Swift is actually credited as a writer on every single song she’s ever released, pretty admirable when so many young stars are just given songs. Before her pop career, T Swiz wanted to be a financial adviser. Could you imagine her giving you advice on your pension?!

Taylor’s best Sistrhood moment:

A lot of people have criticised Tay Tay for her approach to feminism, but she’s really shown her young fans (and everyone else for that matter) that you can be a big goof and not care about it. Although, when OK! Magazine wrote a misleading headline about her announcing a pregnancy (she had helped a couple announce THEIR pregnancy, not hers) and referred to her as ‘Harry Styles’ ex’ and ‘Calvin Harris’ rumoured girlfriend’ Taylor hit back with this:

Taylor’s best empowerment track: WE. ARE NEVER EVER EVER. GETTING BACK TOGETHER!