Things you may not know about Cher;

Looking absolutely phenomenal for her age, Cher is actually 70 years old. Cher is a huge philanthropist, her charity work includes supporting health research &  patient’s quality of life, anti-poverty initiatives, veterans rights and vulnerable children. As well as all that, the auto-tuning technique in her song ‘Believe’ (which we can all agree is an absolute banger) was renamed the ‘Cher effect’ after the songs success, and is used widely throughout pop music all the time. Does this mean that T-Pain owes his whole career to Cher?!

Cher’s best Sisterhood moment

If you don’t already, you have to follow Cher on Twitter (@cher). Not only is she hilarious, and very experimental with her use of emoji’s, but she also is very outspoken, using her platform to voice a number of her opinions on topical subjects, particularly standing up for women’s rights.

Cher’s empowerment track: Without a doubt, it has to be ‘Believe’.